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KEARNE - Of Pain And Pleasure REVIEW

mercredi 4 novembre 2015 à 17:52


Kearne is the solo project of Detroit ambient/noise/soundscape artist Cody Lobbestael. Blending a multitude of different textures, atmospheres, dynamics, and at times ear-piercing explosions of sound, Kearne creates a 40 minute piece of ambient music that at no times seems meandering or boring. Constructed delicately and produced excellently, this release evolves and grows maturely. Rather than simply being a prolonged crescendo to harsh fuzz madness and cacophony, Kearne molds and forms the noises, sounds, and melodic walls of somber atmosphere all together and explores each theme and sound to their absolute fulfillment. 

Side A rolls and bellows through, often being interrupted by brief micro-explosions of harsh noise, only to be met with soothing ambient walls of distilled fuzz and rumbling. The track has a very organic feeling, giving off the impression of the entire piece being constructed of found sounds and natural field recordings. Nothing here feels repetitive or lazily executed - this piece feels alive and truly involved. 

Side B employs strange samples of rattling coupled with further examples of harsh noise explosions. Synths also make an entrance on this side, holding these low epic resounding notes, giving the track a haunting, harmonious feel. The last half of the track becomes field recording and Masonna worship, delicately yet abrasively releasing high frequency crashes and static until the track abruptly ends. 

An ambient noise record that is extremely easy to be lost in and enjoy, this is a highly recommended listen. 


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