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mercredi 6 juillet 2016 à 19:56


GRVD: Give us the full scope and history of Spreaders, and your story of venturing into more extreme forms of music. 

S: Thanks for doing this interview!!!  <3 
Spreaders formed in Nov of 2007 in the Hudson Valley of New York State. We started as traditional band format with instruments like guitar bass and drums. We did Flipper and Butthole surfers covers and started playing bars within the local metal/hardcore scenes.  We did 4 releases proper as this band, one as a spit with a local D-beat band, released on Clan Destine Records. After that everyone started having children or getting real jobs and left the band. Spreaders then played as a duo//with only synths// in a more drone way. We did tons of releases, including splits with endometrium cuntplow // Al Qaeda // AWOTT/ and NRYY. Then the last real person left, and I've been solo since. I've done a bunch of silly solo releases. They are all garbage.

GRVD: You were featured in the Noisemakers documentary. Tell us what that experience was like. 

S: The experience was great!  They were all soooo nice and friendly!  And super pro omg. I was playing some basement in New Paltz NY with some other band and a person named Kitty picked me up in a sweet SUV and took me over to the SUNY college campus.  We went into a building that look like an igloo and into some great piano room.  They accommodated the heck outta me and my nonsense///even taking extra time to mic this stupid lil boom-box I insisted on talking thru. I said something about the Beach Boys in the interview and the crew came to one of my shows like a month later and brought me a Brain Wilson shirt they bought for me! <3
With the exception of the barber shop guy playing the bridge (lololol) I thought the Documentary was actually really well made and TONS of my close homies were involved. That being said, that film gets so much damn hate.  A lot of it comes from how lame NY is in general, but yea, so much hate.
It was a college project! People took it soo seriously lol..It was fun to me and I have nothing but love for the film crew, everyone in the film (except the bridge guy) all the haters, and really almost everyone ever. 

GRVD: What would you say influences Spreaders the most - both musically and non-musically?

S: Watching my friends succeed, feeding my cat, ect.

GRVD: What are your thoughts on the emotional element to noise? Do you find the genre to be the ultimate genre of self-expression? Is what you do with Spreaders therapeutic in a sense? 

S: Go see trip metal if u want emotion ! noise=death

GRVD: How do you try to set yourself apart from your contemporaries in noise? What - if anything - do you try to convey with Spreaders that may be unique to the project?

S: N/A

GRVD: What are your opinions on political correctness? In a genres of extremes like noise, does the musical community you are a part of have any influence on your political frameworks? Do you think politics of any kind belong in noise? 

S: Go see trip metal if u want politics!!! noise=death

GRVD: What does Spreaders mean to you - both in a personal and purely musical sense? 

S: Anymore spreaders means to me: getting old and dying//a constant reminder of failure
losing lots of friends///losing lots of money///chasing long-dead pipe dreams////constant battles with addiction and insomnia//
losing sense of self////cotton candy flavored bubble gum....

GRVD: You're playing this year's Harshfest in Detroit. Are you excited for that? Any specific acts you're particularly excited for? 

S: OMG YES!!!! sooooo stoked for Harshfest ! Much love to Pat and Will for making this a reality.  So stoked to see literally every band on the bill!! but some choice homies ive seen/played with before are The homie ninja Waves Crashing Piano Chords who is always a kick in the teeth lol.. My touring mate // bestie Matt Luczak and his tape loops, the other tour homies Frataxin and this is not ok. Of course Aaron Dilloway, Laundry Room Squelchers (!!), tooth_eye, BoneMagic, Methlab Explosion, Stress Orphan, Bullshit Market... like literally every band on this bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've booked a two week tour with Matt Luczak to Harshfest and back// sooo stoked!

GRVD: Anything you'd like to leave us with?

S: Nope! <3

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