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vendredi 18 août 2017 à 20:49
Following up on 2015's Cub, Cub2 is a little audial homage to bd_collie.

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Love & Fun, Rambling.

mardi 15 août 2017 à 07:33
So...  One thing I have tried to avoid is inserting my political beliefs into my music, videos, and writing. In general I am pretty quiet, and when it comes to politics I am not a big supporter of either major party in the U.S.

That being said, I want to at least add my little voice to the fray--for no side other than peace.  I believe in treating others kindly and doing what can be done to help those around you have a nice experience, if nothing more.  There are numerous times I have just plain fucked up on this.  To the people I've hurt in the past, I hope that I have made my regrets known to you.  I am doing my best over here.

Now... back to the politics.  Let me restate that I have no political affiliation.  No political system or party is foolproof to greed and other human elements.  Some sort of fiscal-conservative establishment that supports equal rights in a world where people can safely govern themselves by principles of common sense and decency sounds good by me.

Pic by MeowNi

I support community help and voluntarism.  I am against censorship.  I love dark humor, and on the flipside I will cry my eyes out when it comes to seeing the terrible things people have really done to one another.  I am a big supporter of same-sex marriage, but we should all be able to enjoy a well-timed and non-malignant joke on such subjects. Trash talking and rivalries in a sporting context can be great fun, just don't let it carry over and ruin the other aspects of peoples' lives. If nothing else, let's just not kill each other.  That would be a decent starting point.  I suppose that would mean having to restrain ourselves in the populating department (I've got us covered there)!

I want the world to be a better place for everybody.  I believe there is no easy way to achieve this.  Honestly, I believe this will never happen.  There will be bad days, good days, and then we will die.  I'll simply continue doing my best to add to the good, even if in the smallest possible ways.

To my friends and family much love.
To the people who have helped me over the years thank you.
To the people who have called me a hacker in various games. :DDDDDDD (:P <3)
To the people I hurt by letting 'jokes' spiral out of control or being a prick otherwise I am sorry.
To the people who are having dark days I hope that things get better for you. <3
To the people who are doing their best to merely live a happy life while trying to support others in their own happiness... :)

Note: This post was intended to be accompanied by another new release, partially-inspired by recent events, but for now I am going to sit on that release and let this post be its own thing.

Also, Kai, your e-mail service is blocking my responses to you, but the new track you sent me sounded AWESOME. :D

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Split!! Tsubaki Yeah! + Esca-chan

lundi 14 août 2017 à 19:56
Tsubaki Yeah! has gone this far without doing so much as a single split release. That changes with Split, a release featuring new tracks by Esca-chan and myself.  Peep Esca's other stuff and grab the album from the links below! Cheers!

Bandcamp download
YouTube preview

Esca-chan's website
Esca-chan @ SoundCloud

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Too Old.

samedi 12 août 2017 à 01:00
6 years have passed since Loliqueen debuted.  To celebrate this milestone we've got a batch of remastered tunes. Too Old. contains 13 remastered lolicore tracks, and of course there is plenty more on the horizon.


MediaFire download
YouTube preview

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1943 again.

mercredi 26 juillet 2017 à 19:30
Unlike other re-releases of late, the 2017 version of 1943 was remade from scratch. There are no drastic changes in composition, but the tracks have been made to sound a little more consistent than they did in 2011.

MediaFire download
YouTube preview

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