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mardi 23 septembre 2014 à 22:08


I'm extremely fortunate to have such talented friends in the noise community. Furthermore, I'm even more fortunate to be able to see them collaborate with prominent figures in the world of noise. On this split we see the Michigan experimental/avant-garde/power electronics unit known as Poète Maudit teaming up with the French Harsh Noise Wall legend VOMIR, coming together to bring listeners a release that is as polar as it is challenging. 

What can I say about the French Harsh Noise Wall titan VOMIR that hasn't already been said? On this release we see VOMIR do exactly what we'd expect VOMIR to do: crush listeners with a monolithic, bleak, depressingly harsh, directionless and unchanging wall of distortion and rage. VOMIR tends to be a "love him or hate him" figure in the world of noise, and I happen to find his work always hypnotic and entrancing. While this isn't my favorite wall of his, it is certainly not disappointing by any means and will satisfy his devoted fanbase. 

As for the Poète Maudit side, the sound is much more varied. Sounding like a hybrid of John Cage, Xela, Brian Eno, Tim Hecker, and perhaps even a Gnaw Their Tongues b-side, this Michigan project shows an understanding of atmosphere and musical tension and process far beyond his years. The track is truly eerie and beautiful, and its darkness and overarching, subtle crescendo leaves the listener with a strong satisfaction. 

Two very different artists in the noise world have come together to make one of the strongest splits of the year. Do yourself a favor and pick this up from the label Uninvited Records.


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lundi 15 septembre 2014 à 18:12


When two artists in the noise community can come together to collaborate and create, it is truly a wonderful thing to witness. Now, when these two artists are as visceral, raw, and uncompromising as New York's Waves Crashing Piano Chords and Texas's Funeral Parlor (he also makes wall under the title Female Pedophile), you're in store for a split that will truly crush you. This is a year-end best-of contender, easily. 

Now, the WCPC side first. I recently reviewed the noise dynamo's 7'' "Childhood" - a release that focused more on ominous, atmospheric yet harsh textures, and an abandonment of the sexually explicit, highly emotive vocal delivery. The release truly captivated me and proved to be one of my favorite outings from the artist. On this release we see WCPC return to form with the track "I Hope I Get Aids/...Or Is It Me?". The track pierces and shakes the listener, and the trademark emotional delivery is ever-present, sincere, and truly genuine. While this may not be my favorite material from the project, it is still strong and immensely satisfying. 

As for the Funeral Parlor side, where do I begin? The track is truly ominous and disheartening, yet eerily beautiful. It transcends the boundaries of typical harsh noise and incorporates a gothic, ambient, synthesizer-laden vortex of harmonies, coupled with the sonic chaos found on WCPC's efforts. The track "Sway Away" is beautifully composed, and is easily one of my favorite tracks from the project. 

A highly recommended listen, these two projects showcase the strongest, most raw talents the world of noise has to offer. 


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mercredi 6 août 2014 à 20:29

KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE - Immaturity of Movement

I have said it before and I will say it again: Noise that is only influenced by Noise is the worst kind of Noise. And no other act proves this point better than KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE. United Kingdom noise act KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE returns with a release of pure anguish, rage, concept, and creative independence that leaves his contemporaries in the dust. Here we are given 3 powerful, dynamic, and enthralling tracks that bring the listener into a dark, disturbed, and somewhat confusing world of distortion, feedback, loops, samples, and atmosphere. 

Beginning with the track "Document #8 And Being Late", this UK noise artist carefully outlines the textures that will be present for the rest of this release. Cold, bleak, drenched a lo-fi ambiance reminiscent of 90's black metal, KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE wears his influences on his sleeve, and leaves any hesitation at the door. The release is self-described as being influenced by alternative rock and former No-Wavers Sonic Youth, as well as Jesus And Mary Chain. And in a strange way, this release embodies a lot of those textures and ideas in the most unexpected way. Imagine Thurston Moore having a collaboration with Genocide Organ and you've got a good idea of the powerful sound captured on this release. 

"Demons" and the title track "Immaturity of Movement" continue on this bleak and hypnotic journey. Drenched and modulated, the loops here never get over-bearing or boring. Instead, they bring the tracks a minimal, yet highly effective intensity reminiscent of some of Con-Dom and IRM's best work. 

A haunting and chilling listen, KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE showcase the power of simplicity, and the depressing power of patience. A strong contender for one of my favorite noise albums of the year, this release will sonically tear you apart, violently and without mercy. 


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CLOTTING - Sensory Secretion REVIEW

dimanche 3 août 2014 à 19:58

CLOTTING - Sensory Secretion

The debut tape from Chicago Power Electronics outfit CLOTTING is a release of pure electronic rage and power. Channeling textures of extreme wall reminiscent of Dead Body Collection and The Rita, while also incorporating some classic high frequencies and sonic assaults you'd find on a Whitehouse or Pharmakon record, CLOTTING combine these two elements extremely well, all the while burying the listener with a vocal delivery straight from hell. 

This release is riddled with samples and surprising elements - this includes a disturbing pitch shifted rendition of the Berlin hit "Take My Breath Away" - which really add to the crushing dynamics presented in the sound. This is truly a numbing, yet highly satisfying noise record. 

Highly recommended for all fans of modern Power Electronics, CLOTTING brings us one of the most solid debuts of the year. Sensory Secretion is a true understatement. 

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vendredi 1 août 2014 à 18:28


Waves Crashing Piano Chords is the one man noise project of New Yorker Sean Beard. A bit of a more controversial figure in the noise scene, WCPC is an act to be experienced live in order to receive the full affect. Not many artists, especially in noise, are able to capture the power of their live performance to tape as proficiently and impeccably as this project does. The following tape is one of the most disturbing and unpleasant - in the best way possible - releases this project has put out to date in my opinion. 

Composed of two tracks, "Childhood" is unique for a WCPC release. Devoid of the typical vocal assault and graphic sexual lyricism found on most of this project's releases, WCPC chooses instead to create something even more effective and damaging. Atmosphere. A completely raw, merciless aural assault on the listener, "Childhood" relies on dissonance, harsh feedback, minimal sampling, and a disturbing level of intimacy in order to recreate those painful feelings I'm sure many of us have during the years of childhood. 

Listening to this piece sent shivers down my spine. Love him or hate him, Waves Crashing Piano Chords is proving himself more and more to be a project in the world of noise that doesn't fall under the label of "one trick pony". Grim, dreadful, unforgiving, malicious, dissonant, and downright creepy, "Childhood" will surely make you feel fear like a child once again. 

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