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vendredi 4 août 2017 à 01:41


GRVD: Tell us how you came into noise. What were some of your first exposures to the genre? What would you say influences Frataxin the most? 

F: The first time I listened to a full length harsh noise album was either Ejaculation Generator by Masonna, and Pulse Demon by Merzbow. I was 13. As far as acts and artists that influence the project the most, I’d say Con-Dom, Deathpile, twodeadsluts onegoodfuck, Whitehouse, and Strict. That’s keeping it to five. Bloodyminded and Final Solution should be in there too. 

GRVD: Frataxin strikes me as a hyper-personal project. How'd you get where you are with the project today?

F: It is quite personal. It’s also the only primarily uncensored outlet I have to get my point across. No one listens anyway. I was part of a different project before Frataxin, with a bandmate. We kind of didn’t agree on what direction to take the project we were doing. I knew deep down I wanted to at least attempt noise more seriously, then it morphed into what it is now. Pretty pointless to play shows in NJ, the scene around here is centered on hardcore and over-produced grind core bullshit. I despise the way a lot of people think about noise around here. I’ve had more luck in New York City / State. 

Either way, I just screamed at the top of my lungs over a feedback line to an audience of no one until I found some people that tolerate my crap. Generally, in a live atmosphere at least, people enjoy my sets. 

GRVD: Your live sets have a level of intensity that's unmatched. How has the live set developed over time?

F: It started off with rough ideas. I had no idea what the fuck I was doing at the beginning, I have more of an idea of what to do now. Initially, I don’t think the sets I did were all that intense. It took me a few tries to feel okay with what I was doing. I think I found a lot of direction for what I wanted my live sets to be when I toured with Zack. 

At first, my setup was just two amps chained together and a Danelectro black coffee pedal with a microphone. It was fine for collaborative performances, but I felt really fucking dumb. Then I sort of figured out that just making everything louder would solve a lot of the problems I was having. 

GRVD: Are lyrics a big part of the project? If so, what do they mean to you? How much time goes into them?

F: Lyrics are everything when it comes to this project. There is a certain factor of inaudibility when I submit the words, but it’s better that way in this instance. A significant amount of time is spent writing material, I usually don’t use half of it because I don’t like it. For that reason, I go back years ago and look at writings I put together when I was younger, and through specific periods in my life: a lot of which happen to be from when I drank heavily or was into drugs, shit like that. I pull material from old thoughts and rework it in an attempt to make it cohesive, only problem is that I used to write very abstractly, with a lot of metaphors and beating around the bush really. I try to write more pointed and direct stuff now.

GRVD: Would you say there's a core theme or idea behind Frataxin? Something you'd want to get across with the project? 

F: The idea behind Frataxin is pain. That’s putting it simply maybe. But it’s really just finding beauty in this fucking mess we have here, but in a perverted way. Not sexually perverse: if anything, I consider Fxn to be asexual. It’s about brutalizing yourself. It’s about death and disease, cripples, gimps, that sort of thing. Otherwise, you can just posit your own meaning I don’t mind.

GRVD: You operate Uninvited Records with your partner. Tell us how that label came into being. What's your favorite aspects of operating the label?

F: I operate Uninvited with my girlfriend, Kayla. She does all the real work to be perfectly honest. Anyway, myself, Joel, Zach, and my cousin initially. It wasn’t even a label at first, we just all started communicating online and then as a group. We had the means to, so we all decided to start Uninvited around late 2014 or something. Joel took care of making and distributing several releases on tape, and we played some shows and a fest. It was really cool for the most part. Some people seem to know the label, people in Joel’s neck of the woods or whatever, it’s a small scale thing that’s had a lot of support from the same people, so I guess in small circles people sort of know me or have heard of me sometimes. My favorite aspect is having the ability to choose what I want to release. 

GRVD: What have you been listening to lately? Any specific forms of media that have had an impact on you lately?

F: I have been listening to a decent variety of stuff. Whitney Houston, Kleistwar, Denzel Curry, Scorpions, Vomitoma, Whorebutcher, Birth, Totalitär, Sordo, Final Solution, Blasphemy, Anthrax, Sutcliffe Jügend, Cunts, Blowjob Olympics, Seven Minutes of Nausea, Dahmer, Unsane, GG Allin, Beggin For Oxys, and early Libido Airbag. 

GRVD: Anything you'd like to leave us with? 

F: Not really. I’d do shout outs but I always forget people. Thanks to Eddie for thinking my set was alright that one time.


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