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lundi 3 avril 2017 à 05:58


Limbs Bin is the one-man powerhouse digital hardcore/powerviolence/noisecore brainchild of Josh Landes. I've enjoyed the material from this project for years, and have kept an eye on just how formidable and crushing the project as become over time. With his latest album Bliss Tech we see the project giving us 15 tracks clocking in at just under 5 minutes. Simplicity is the name of the game here, as for nearly 5 minutes we are bombarded with nothing but synth-electronics, blown-out and distorted drum machines, and distorted yells. No bullshit, no time to breathe, just unrelenting noisecore. 

Seconds in we are introduced to what will be the defining factor of this short experience: the impressive vocal delivery. The vocals and drums perfectly align throughout the release in powerviolence rhythms and noisecore traditional worship. As each tracks gives way to another, the synths become more and more dissonant, sometimes giving way to harsh walls or brittle feedback. Landes' vocals are intense and satisfying, being the perfect compliment to the simplicity of the sonic palette. This project knows exactly what it's doing, and has no intention of over-staying its welcome. 

Limbs Bin proves he is at the top of his game with Bliss Tech. With every track here we as a listener are subject to uncompromising noisecore and powerviolence rants of rage and madness. Quiet rumbles of distortion are interrupted with explosions of vocals and drum-machine blasts. Jarring and addicting, Limbs Bin has perfected his formula. Demanding of multiple listens, Bliss Tech is a must-listen for any noise or grind fans out there.  


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