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dimanche 28 octobre 2018 à 18:19
FLCL (OVA Series, 2000-2001)
Produced by Starchild Records, GANSIS

FLCL? Fooly Cooly!? Twisting and turning and wiggling and jiggling and groaning and moaning and heyguysrememberwhenwemadeEvangelion becausewe'reGainax and herearesomerandompopculturereferencesforyoutorecognizeandrelateto... and then suddenly it's just a beautiful sunset... Silence but for the soothing bass and guitar.

This is FLCL, one of the best-known OVA series in anime history. Six episodes: 50% high-speed visual-comedy gibberish and 50% nostalgic-inducing serenity (okay, maybe 75% gibberish). The fictional town of Mabase is a stage where nothing interesting or exciting takes place... never mind the shape-shifting robots or vehicular assaults.

While there is a lot going on, most of what takes place happens without much rhyme or reason. Everything in the story feels thrown together (nothing is really even revealed until the show's final episodes). “Style over substance.”

That style really is something though. To begin with, the visuals are excellent. Just about every shot has something interesting going on. Animation is fun and over-the-top, in contrast to the subdued color palette, and the quality (if not the style) is consistent.

The Gainax humor may get tiresome, and while FLCLdoesn't tell a great story it isan entertaining and stylish OVA. Production is stellar, and the soundtrack certainly stands out from other anime. If you're in the mood for something stupid and fun (and if somehow you haven'talready seen it), give this short and well-produced OVA a watch.

-2 Awful, ruined it
-1 Took away from the experience
0 Okay, didn't leave an impression good/bad
+1 Added to the experience
+2 Superb

Story: 0
Writing: +2
Characters: +2
Art/Animation: +2
Music: +2
Entertainment: +2
Personal Bias: +1


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5 Anime Soundtracks #3

lundi 15 octobre 2018 à 01:29

1. Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (2007)
Composer Hideaki Taniuchi of Death Note fame crafts a cool mix of guitar and synthesized elements. Kaiji's tracks ooze tension and the panic of men putting their financial and physical well-being on the line.

2. Okamikakushi (2010)
It's unfortunate that the execution of the Okamikakushi series was handled so sloppily, because Takumi Ozawa did about all she could have in the music department, delivering some absolutely epic, guitar-driven themes.  Some of the slower, creepier numbers come across sounding a bit stock, but the soundtrack is worth a listen to for tracks such as "Oogama" and "Shirube" alone.

3. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (2006)
From one Ryukishi07 adaptation to another we go. Kenji Kawai turned out a sizeable soundtrack (almost sixty tracks) for the first season of Higurashi, partnering quantity with quality. Higurashi is full of amazing music, be it creepy, atmospheric pieces; energetic tracks geared towards club scenes or the variations of the excellent main theme.  The opening of "Chousa" gives me shivers every time.

4. Blue Gender (1999)
1999's Blue Gender pits breaks and effects against cold samples and sythesizers: a gritty sound for a gritty (and very inconsistent) anime. I find it strange and worth noting that "S.x" is just a sexed up version of Massive Attack's "Angel."

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion (1997)
A collection of powerful songs with every song convincing in its tenor, the End of Evangelion soundtrack is best-known for "Komm, süsser Tod" and the inclusion of Bach.

Please note that this is not a "top" or "best" list.

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Battle Lolis 2018 Winter Full-length

samedi 13 octobre 2018 à 18:42
The Northern Drive, the second of five full-length albums of the Soviet-American War series, will be available to download in November. This will be a digital-only release. YouTube preview below.

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5 Anime Soundtracks #2

mercredi 3 octobre 2018 à 03:47

1. Thunderbolt Fantasy (2016)
Hiroyuki Sawano lends a powerful, busy sound to this 2016 adventure-drama. While overall a strong soundtrack, one number really does stand above the rest; Thunderbolt Fantasy's main theme energizes every scene in which it appears.

2. Pokémon (1997)
The enduring soundtrack of Pokémon Red and Blue (or Red and Green) gets put through the orchestra machine, and the end result is fantastic. Respect is given to Junichi Masuda's original compositions, while their updated versions truly have a sound of their own.

3. Katanagatari (2010)
Katanagatari is one of my all-time favorite anime, and the show's excellence is mirrored by Taku Iwasaki's score. Great percussion, melody and general composition are displayed throughout. "Douse Konna no ga Suki Desho?" is probably the greatest mental-meltdown anime track of all time. The entire soundtrack is gorgeous, stylish and powerful.

4. Angel Core (2003)
If I knew that hentai had music this good I might watch more of it. Angel Core's soundtrack was the factor which drove me to check out the OVA series. A nice mix of grim and uncomfortable instrumentals, folky jingles and a pair of fun, cheesy dance mixes give the Angel Core OST a healthy variety.
feel records/Riverside Music

5. Serial Experiments Lain (Bootleg) (1998)
The Bootleg album of Serial Experiments Lain embodies the sterile presence of the series' titular character. Other than traces of tension and the club pulsing of Cyberia, the Bootleg album is as cold and lifeless as the pajama-clad Iwakura staring at a bedroom wall.

Please note that this is not a "top" or "best" list.

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Outta the Blue

samedi 29 septembre 2018 à 00:25
Another CS:GO major is in the books. Unfortunately, thanks in part to Astralis's lack of opposition, it wasn't much of a spectacle (although it was nice to see Magisk lift a major trophy). With ESL One NY a victim of the ESL-Facebook contract our only hope for some good, live Counter Strike is the BLAST Copenhagen event.

Meanwhile COD 4 is consuming my limited game-playing time, as the grind for a new (possibly full) edit has begun.

Oh, and here's some new Tsubaki Yeah!

YouTube preview
MediaFire download

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