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Narbeleth interview

vendredi 4 avril 2014 à 07:34
1.Can you give us an update on what has been going on with the project since the recording of the new album?

NARBELETH, as a solo project, is a very quiet band actually. The last show I did was son june 2013 and since then, I have been recording the new album from time to time, as I have full time job and study at university at nights, so I have to choose special and determined moments to cofus only on NARBELETH, because it deserves and demands from me 100% energy and atention. Also I´ve been arranging everything for the show at Under the Black Sun.

2.You have a new album coming out this spring, can you tell us a little bit more about the musical direction of the new recording and also how does it differ from your previous demo and ep?

NARBELETH is Black Metal, nothing more, nothing less, black metal in its traditional way, so that´s what you will get in wevery release. Now, the main difference from my previous works is the sound, as now I have more experience in recording, and have better tools. BUT this not means that NARBELET will have modern, clinical sound, no; NARBELETH will remain rooted to raw old shcool Black Metal sound. Of course, you can find differences in composition, because I don´t like to repeat formulas, I just compose what I feel when I play my guitar, and that depends a lot on my psicological state and how things goes around my world. Also you can find new elements, although brief, on this album, as the clean vocals on “Land of The Heathen”or the clean guitars on “Nihilistic Propaganda”. Are new resources that add dimension to the music, as, for instance, the synth I used on “Shall Rise Again”, from my first demo “Dark Primitive Cult”, that never used on other recordings from that.

3.Can you tell us a little bit more about the lyrical topics and subjects you explore with the new release?

My lyrics are about my life, how I see this world, and how I live in it. Also I write about about antireligion, misanthropy,  Black Metal, and how I´m proud of this art and have it as important part of my life.

4.In the studio, you work all solo but have a line up for live shows, are you open to working with a full band in the studio or do you chose to remain solo?

No, NARBELETH is my vision alone, my feelings and my own spirit made music, so I will never work in studio composin for this project with other persons. I had two colaborations on the band from individuals I see as my brothers. Haitre, from the swiss band NANSIS did guest vocals on “Raw Hatred”, from my previous album Diabolus Incarnatus, and King Abraxas, my live guitarist, made the lyrics for “Land of The Heathen”.

5.What are some of the best shows that the band has played over the years and also how would you describe your stage performance?

The best show to the date was at Brutal Fest here in havana, in 2012. Was a great show that I and the other guys enjoyed a lot. About my stage performance, well, I let that description to the audience.

6.Do you have any touring or show plans once the new album is released?

Yes! I´m preparing to perform at Under the Black Sun next july, that´s my plan for now and means a lot for me to pe part of this mighty and legendary festival. Is the first time NARBELETH plays abroad. Tour? Well, hope to do tour some day, but nothing planned yet.

7.On the new recording you have an Urgehal cover, what was the decision behind doing your own version of one of their songs?

URGEHAL is a great band, always covered with the dust of underground Black Metal and I am a huge follower of them. Once I knew about T. Nefas death, I thought in doing my tribute to his work, so I decided to do Nyx and maybe put it on a tribute album, but then, with the offer of Folter Records to release the new album, I came up with the idea of add it on the CD. Is my tribute to Nefas, to URGEHAL. HAIL!

8.The new album is coming  out on Folter Records, how would you compare working with this label to Intifernal Records and Serpent's Eye Records which released your previous recordings/

I´ve worked with four labels previously, Intifernal and Serpent´s Eye released in tape my works, and Le Crepuscule du Soir and Metal venom Promotions, in CD. I´m happy with the result so far and they all are very honest persons. Now, working with Folter Records is quite different. Is a very experienced label and have released many recordings from respected bands. His work is complete and professional and I appreciate very much all the help and their attitude. I´m very proud to work with this label.

9.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of black metal?

Bigger that what I always expected. I´ve received emails and letters from all over the world supporting my music. Is very nice to see that there are people that understand your message. Whith the signing on Folter Records this feedback has grown and that´s great, and I´ve seen people that are looking forward to see NARBELETH´s performance at Under the Black Sun, which is something amazing for me.

10.Where do you see this project heading into musically during the future?

NARBELETh will remain in the same direction. Playing uncimpromising Black Metal; that is and will be the path to follow. Hope that this show in Germany be the first of more concerts abroad in the next years.

11.What are some bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your newer music and also what are you listening to nowadays/

My music is influenced mainly by Scandinavian Black Metal like BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, ARCKANUM, and also JUDAS ISCARIOT, TORMENTOR... all these great bands. I still listening these bands almost daily, and have always been also into thrash, death, heavy, and other genres on Metal. Nothing of new core metal or nu, or gothic stuffs... that sucks. These days I have in my player, specifically CRAFT, KOLDBRANN, WARBRINGER, DARKTHRONE (always), KULT, DEMONICAL, NORTHERN PLAGUE, KAMPFAR, SKOGEN, THYRFING, SODOM, DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT, ULVER (Bergtatt... and Kveldssanger), and some early music…

12.How would you describe your views on Satanism or Anti Christianity?

I´m not satanic and I´m not only antichristian, I am against all religions, that keep men away from the freedom, the freedom of thinking, the freedom of action. I believe in the will, the will of power that every man have inside and choose to use it, or not. I believe in the strenght of man to be his own god, the master of his fate.

13.Are there any other black metal bands from your home country of Cuba, that you would recommend?

Yes they are... but few. I can recommend ANCESTOR, a great Black Metal band from Havana, now relocated to Miami, USA, with great thrash metal influences... Also I recommend UNLIGHT DOMAIN and BLACKULT, great bands.

14.What are some of your non musical interests?

I work with cultural/historical heritage. I´m interested in Archeology, Astronomy and History. I read about a lot of topics, science in general, technics, occultism, and I´m a big fan of russian combat aircrafts. Among other things...

15.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts/

Thanks for the space on your webzine. Thanks to all NARBELETH´s followers in Cuba and the world. See you in July at Under the Black Sun festival, in the woods outside Berlin!
Support Black Metal with real attitude!!!! HAIL!!!

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Narbeleth/A Hatred Manifesto/Folter Records/2014 CD Review

mardi 1 avril 2014 à 23:58

  Narbeleth  are  a  1  man  band  from  Cuba  that  plays  a  very  raw  and  old  school  form  of  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  his  2014  album  "A  Hatred  Manifesto"  which  was  released  by Folter  Records.

     The  music  starts  off  with  a  fast  and  raw  old  school  black  metal  sound  along  with  grim  screams  and  blast  beats  with  the  album  being  in  an  early  90's  old  school  black  metal  direction,  after  the  recording  starts  utilizing  a  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  there  is  also  some  melody  being  added  into  certain  sections  of  the  songs while  keeping  it  in  a  more  grim  direction.  

  You  can  hear  a  great  amount  of  hatred  being  evoked  by  the  music  that  is  present  on  this  recording  and  you  never  have  to  worry  about  weak  sounds  ever  coming  out  of  the  music  with  the  main  focus  being  on  true  raw  black  metal  and  the  faster  parts  have  a  great  amount  of  emotion  and  darkness  to  them,  while  the  slower  and  melodic  parts  always  keep  an  evil  atmosphere  to  them  an   later  on  during  the  album  there  is  a  brief  use  of  melodic  clean  singing  which  brings  a  pagan  feeling  to  the  recording,  when  the  album  gets  closer  towards the  end  you  can  hear  some  guitar  leads  that  have  a  more  traditional  metal  feeling  to  them  along  with  a  small  amount  of  acoustic  guitars  which  also  bring  a  depressive  feeling  to  the  music  and  the  album  closes  with  a  cover  of  Urgehal's  Nyxc.

  Narbeleth  remain  true  to  old  school  black  metal  from  beginning  to  end  with  this  recording  focusing  more  on  the  Norwegian  and  Finnish  styles  of  the  90's  with  none  of  the  modern  or  post  black  metla  trends  being  added  in  along  with  a  raw  production   and  lyrics  that  cover  hateful,  heathenism,  satanic,  and  nihilism  themes.

  In  my  opinion  Narbeleth  are  a  very  great  sounding  raw  and  old  school  black  metal  project  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you  should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Total  Isolation"  "Fuck  Off!"  "Land  Of  the  Heathen"  and  "Nyx".  8  out  of  10.

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Yith/Self Titled/2014 Demo Review

lundi 31 mars 2014 à 02:06

  This  is  the  final  review  of  a  recording from  Yith  which  continues  his  atmospheric  mixture  of  black  and  doom  metal  with  the  demo  being  self  titled  and  self  released  in  2014.

  The  demo  starts  out  with  the  sounds  of  wind  and  a  few  seconds  alter  acoustic  guitars  start  to  kick  in  and  bring  a  classical  feeling  to  the  demo  before  going  into  a  more  fast  black  metal  direction  along  with  blast  beats  and  high  pitched  grim  screams  as  well  as  a  mixture  of  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  when  the  music  slows  down  you  can  hear  some  doom/death  metal  kick  in  along  with  the  guitars  bringing  in  some  evil  sounding  melodies  while  the  main  focus  is  on  black  metal.

  On  the  following  track  the  music  gets  more  doomy  and  melodic  along  with  solos  and  leads  becoming  a  part  of  the  music  and  you  can  also  hear  some  atmospheric  sounds  in  the  background  that  go  back  to  the  early  My  Dying  Bride  days  and  on  the  following  track  the  music  starts  going  for  a  more  melodic  black/doom  metal  sound  along  with  the  vocals  getting  more  grimmer  and  the  acoustic  guitars  also  make  their  return  in  some  parts  while  the  recording  focuses  more  on  the  heavier  parts.

  After  awhile  clean  parts  are  added  into  the  recording  and  they  bring  in  a  depressive  black  metal  feeling  to  the  music  along  with  the  heavier  parts  going  for  more  of  that  sound  while  still  keeping  around  the  doom  metal  sounds  and  later  on  the  fast  parts  and  blast  beats  make  their  return  to  the  demo  along  with  some  heavy  bass  lines  and  on  the  last  track  the  music  starts  going  for  a  more  dungeon  synth/dark  ambient  sound.

  This  demo  shows  Yith  remaining  true  to  his  mixture  of  black  and  doom  metal  while  also  bring  in  more  atmosphere  and  depressive  sounds  this  time  around  along  with  a  good  mixture  of  slow  and  long  sounds,  a  dark  and  heavy  production  and  lyrics  that  cover  dark,  supernatural  and  depression  themes.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  demo  from  Yith  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  atmospheric  black  metal  and  doom,  you  should  check  out  this  recording. RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Willows"  and  "Eternal  Solitude".  8/5  out  of  10.  


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Yith/Demo 3/2013 Review

lundi 31 mars 2014 à 01:26

  This  is  a  review  of  another  recording  from  Yith  which  continues  his  approach  to  raw,  atmospheric  black  metal  and  doom  with  the  recording  being  self  released  in  2013.

  The  demo  starts  out  with  a  slow,  dark  and  heavy  doom  metal  sound  and  after  a  minute  the  music  gets  more  black  metal  along  with  some  high  pitched  screams  along  with  a  small  amount  of  blast  beats  and  the  guitars  bringing  in  a  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  after  awhile  the  music  starts  bringing  in  traces  of  atmospheric  funeral  doom.

  On  the  following  track  the  synths  bring  in  some  atmospheric  sounds  along  with  the  music  going  for  a  more  grim  black/doom  metal  sound  along  with  some  dark  melodies  being  added  into  the  guitar  riffing  and  later  on  solos  and  leads  are  added  on  the  demo  and  acoustic  guitars  are  added  onto  the  3rd  track  and  they  bring  in  a  mixture  of  finger  picking  and  full  chords.

  After  the  acoustic  instrumental  the  music  returns  to  a  more  grim  and  black/doom  metal  direction  along  with  the  vocals  getting  more  evil  in  sound  as  well  as  bringing  in  elements  of  melodic  black  metal  and  some  of  the  slower  sections on  the  instrumental  have  a  very  depressive  feeling  to  them  and  the  last  track  sees  the  music  going  into  a  faster  direction  while  also  slowing  down  in  some  parts  and  letting  the  atmosphere  take  over.

  Yoth  show  a  good  amount  of  progress  with  this  demo  adding  in  more  melodic  parts  to  their  black  metal  side  as  well  as  bringing  in  synths  in  certain  parts  and  the  doom  metal  side  sounds  even  more  dark  and  more  evolved  than  the  last  time  around,  while  the  production remains  dark  and  raw  along  with  some  lyrics  covering  dark,  supernatural  and  occult  themes.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  Yith  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  raw,  melodic  and  atmospheric  black  metal  mixed  with  doom,  you  should  check  out  this  demo.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Woman  in  Black"  and  "Sentinel  Of  hell".  8  out  of  10.

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Yith/Demo 2/2012 Review

dimanche 30 mars 2014 à 23:39

  Yith  are  a  1  man  band  from  the  United  States  that  plays  a  mixture  of  raw,  atmospheric  black  metal  and  doom  and  this  is  a  review  of  his  self  released  2012  demo.

  The  demo  begins  with  the  sounds  of  wind  and  a  few  seconds  later  the  recording  goes  into  a  more  dark  and  raw  black  metal  sound  along  with  some  grim  vocals  and  screams  as  well  as  speeding  up  a  bit  and  adding  in  blast  beats  as  well  as  bringing  in  a  mixture  of  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  along  with  some  morbid  melodies  and  powerful  bass  lines  and  after  awhile  guitar  leads  become  a  part  of  the  music.

  As  the  demo  progresses  old  school  doom  metal  elements  are  added  into  the  music  and  a  couple  brief dark  ambient instrumental  make their  way  onto  the  recording as  well as  the  demo  adding  in  more  melodic  black  metal   sounds  on  the  following  tracks  while  also  having  a  more  grim  approach  and  bringing  the  doom  elements  into  the  slower  sections  of  the  guitar  riffing  and  the music  finds  its  sound  with  raw  black  metal  being  mixed  in  with  some  depressing  doom  metal.

  Yith  bring  in  an  original  sound  with  their  music  with  the  black  metal  parts  beign  as  dark,  raw  and  grim  as  that  genre  can  be  while  the  doom  metal  parts  bring  an  old  school  and  depressing  approach  to  the  demo  as  well  as  adding  in  instrumentals  that  are  in  the  more  dark  ambient  direction  and  the  production  is  very  dark  and  raw  sounding  along  with  the  lyrics  covering  supernatural,  cold  and  dark  themes.

  In  my  opinion  Yith  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  raw black  metal  and  depressing  doom  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  project.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Ghosts  Of  Poenari  Castle"  and  "The  Coldest  grave".  8  out  of  10.

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