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GreyAblaze/Self Titled/Ashen Dominion/2016 CD Review

mercredi 23 novembre 2016 à 22:13

  GreyAblaze  are  a  band  from  Ukraine  that plays  a  very  atmospheric  form  of  post  black  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  self  titled  2016  album  which  will  be  released  in  August  by  Ashen  Dominion.

  A  very  dark  yet  melodic  sound  starts  off  the  album  and  after  awhile t he  music  gets  more  heavy  and  atmospheric  along  with  some  synths  also  being  added  onto  the  recording  and  the  vocals  are  mostly  high  pitched  black  metal  screams  and  when  guitar  leads  are  utilized  they  also  use  a  decent  amount  of  melody.

  All  of  the  musical  instruments  on  the  recording have  a  very  powerful  sound  to  them  and  the  music  can  also  be  very  depressive  at  times  and  most  of  the  tracks  are  very  long  and  epic  in  length  and  they  also  mix  in  a  lot  of  modern  post  black  metal  elements  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  a  decent  amount  of  blast  beats  can  be  heard  along  with  a  brief  use  of  tremolo  picking  that  also  gives  the  music  more  of  a  raw  feeling  while  most  of  the  music  focuses  more  on  a  slow  to  mid  paced  style  and  clean  guitars  are  introduced  on  the  last track.

  GreyAblaze  plays  a  style  of  post  black  metal  that  is  very  atmospheric  and  melodic  while  also  focuses  more  on  the  heavier  side  of  the  genre,  the  production  sounds  very  powerful  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  themes.

  In  my  opinion  GreyAblaze  are  a  very  great  sounding  atmospheric  post  black  metal  band  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  this  musical  genre,  you should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "@'  and  "$'>  8  out  of  10.

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Dekadent Interview

mercredi 23 novembre 2016 à 18:34
1.Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days?
We have just finished producing our latest effort. Basically, it’s a collection of songs that originally appeared on our first two albums. Since we recently celebrated 10th anniversary, we decided to give them a fresh update in terms of sound quality and how we play them as Dekadent in 2016. We always loved these songs but felt they could be presented in technically superior fashion. I am pleased to say we were right. The newly recorded songs sound far tighter and mightier. It shows the quality and solidness of our current line up. As always, other than some finishing touches by V. Santura (Dark Fortress, Tryptikon, …), we handled all the production duties ourselves.

2.How would you describe the musical sound of the newer music?
I feel Dekadent has always maintained its recognizable character with constantly present uplifting vibe and somewhat positive atmosphere. Our recent and newer material is gradually shifting towards something more technically challenging which brings a darker anima in the foreground. But that shift feels natural and organic as this advanced process has been evolving since our 2011 album ‘Venera: Trail & Tribulation’. 

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects the band explores with the newer music?
The grand theme of aggressive devotion remains ever-present, but while lyrics on our first three albums were obviously leaning towards existential romanticism and emotional despair, my penning includes more and more sense of individual triumph nowadays. The eternal love for flesh and stone is being loudly praised in my latest creations, with lesser attention towards anxiety and spiritual self. Philosophically, Dekadent is now more material and human than ever in terms of spirituality, praising the here and the now and dealing less and less with transcendental ideas and other-worldly concerns. My obligation to this life has greater importance and is my sole present universe.

4.Originally the band was called 'Vigred', what was the cause of the name change and also the meaning and inspiration behind the name 'Dekadent'?
I still think the name Vigred encompassed music and the message of my work in a more appropriate manner than what people understand under our current moniker which has nothing to do with decadence per se. Vigred means ’spring-time’ in archaic Slovene and it fit my compositions really well. Alas, it also had some connotations I wasn’t fond of later on. Hence I went for a darker sounding ‘Dekadent’ and like I mentioned, few know I named my project after the Decadent movement and its great association with intellectual Symbolist aesthetics which find a great role in all my creations. The portrayals that I paint with my music could easily depict the works of Delacroix, Baudelaire or Wagner. Extensive romantic worlds filled with emotional tornadoes and heroic acts that end up in failure are common themes that are perhaps more evident musically than lyrically in Dekadent’s portfolio. 

5.What are some of the best shows that the band has played over the years and also how would you describe your stage performance?
We have had quite some memorable performances, but in general there were more of those I wish we would not take part of. I quickly learned most venues (if they can even be called that) are not on par with our demands. Being extremely experienced in visual arts I always wanted to enhance our performances to a maximum degree but wasn’t able due to technical restrictions in most clubs. Therefore most of the shows I would categorize as satisfying came from our own organizing and production. Unveiling our ‘Veritas’ album at the movie theater, for example, was something we could at least partially conduct to our liking. On the other hand shows in obscure clubs in the middle of Russia or somewhere in Amsterdam can leave a positive impression with its raw atmosphere that demands from us, as musicians, to show whatever we’ve got even without the most basic stage paraphernalia.

6.Do you have any touring or show plans for the future?
Yes! By all means. Dekadent is now finally a very solid collective of trained performers who love what they do and cherish every minute on stage. 2016 was actually quite busy with two extensive tours across Europe and Russian Federation. Needless to say we gained some mileage along the way and now feel prepared for whatever comes our way.

7.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music by fans of black metal?
Most of the people who listen to Dekadent have broader knowledge in music and therefore accept our music with a different criteria in relation to something as daft as true black metal. On the other hand we are still so extremely underground that majority of black metal fans do not even come across our music in the first place. I am pleased to say those few that had an opportunity to listen our music at least once, now follow our work and appreciate what Dekadent delivers to the scene.

8.Are any of the band members currently involved with any other bands or musical projects these days?
They were until recently, but it is now forbidden to partake in musical acts outside Dekadent. Seriously, all members mutually agreed that we should channel our energy into Dekadent’s further growth and make it as strong of an entity as possible. We have come over that barrier of what was once a musical project and is now becoming an institution in its own right.

9.When can we expect newer music and also where do you see the band  heading into musically during the future?
As we speak Dekadent is negotiating with several small labels for the upcoming release of the aforementioned collection of songs. We hope this release will see the light of day in early 2017, while new material is constantly being written. Dekadent’s creative field is extremely wide and our contemporary style allows further development and refinement. To say we achieved our zenith with ‘Veritas’ would be arrogant and at the same time fairly pathetic. Not to say I am not content with our past releases, but we are capable of much more and we are determined to achieve that. If not with our next full-length, maybe with one after that. I am however aware Dekadent is slowly turning into a living organism with its own system that could twist into a different monster I would expect at this very moment.

10.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your newer music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
To many metalheads’ approval I have to admit I am actively listening to what the underground metal scene has to offer. Generally I listen to what I find online by coincidence, while our guitarist Gajwasz became somewhat of a personal curator of mine and introduced me to interesting acts such as Oranssi Pazuzu and Sinmara. I absolutely love what bands like Bölzer, Schammasch and Inferno (CZ) are doing recently, but to say where I find direct correlation and Dekadent soul at I would have to confess I immensely enjoy ‘BLUE’ by iamamiwhoami.

11.What are some of your non musical interests?
Working in visual arts makes me feel fortunate as it enables me to combine profession with what I do passionately. Intense interest in arts and literature on a daily basis enriches my life, however semi-professional activity in wine-making is what makes times ever more vibrant and pleasant.

12.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
Thank you for this interview and thanks to our fans for spreading the fire of Valburga.

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Abigorum Interview

mercredi 23 novembre 2016 à 04:23
1.For those that have never heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the musical project?
1. Project from Russia, formed in 2012 in St.Petersburg by Aleksey Korolyov. The music can be described as a black doom ambient.

2.How would you describe the musical sound that is presented on the recordings you have released so far?
2. The group formed after the ambient project Satanath because a new style in which I wanted to try myself, did not fit into the frames of ambient. Genres of project is different and varies from many styles, so as I have broad musical tastes.

3.What are some of the lyrical topics and subjects you explore with your music?
3. No texts. music tells about deep matters as space, death, philosophy. More instrumentals.

4.I know that the name 'Abigorum' comes from the demon Abigor, do you have an interest in Occultism?
4. Not occult, but adheres to the dark ideology. I do not understand, when me compared with Abigor band, or say I take their name. They are also can be blamed that they came up with not their name. all the names is only a set of letters. if Mayhem called themselv differently (eg, Dead Forest), from that their cult album would not be worse.

5.With this musical project you record everything by yourself, are you open to working with other musicians or do you prefer to remain solo?
5. First there were session musicians such as Amezarak, Astarium, Winter Vampyr, Misanthrofeel, Dmitry Kolosov, but then project became a solo, as I'm a perfectionist and I can not work with people.

6.Can you tell us a little bit more about your other musical project 'Satanath'?
6. Yes, this project formed in 2011 as a forerunner of the label, there is a lot of ambient music, which is composed in the programm is not made for this, on it wrote music in different styles.

7.Recently with your other musical project you where a part of a 4 way split, what are your thoughts on the other projects that have participated on the recording?
7. There was a lot of splits in Satanath, in Abigorum only compilation with Cryostasium. Styles are similar, though it sounds different.

8.You also run the record labels 'Satanath Records' and 'Symbol Of Domination Productions', can you tell us a little bit more about these labels?
8. I have two labels, Satanath Records and Symbol Of Domination. SR only for metal, founded in 2012. SOD in 2013 (founded by my colleague from Belarus), it published unformat + music style is not suitable for the SR. It was still a sub-label DeadDogSkull & HeilHellProductions, for unformat, founded in 2012 too, but he separated himself from us in 2014. There is still a distro GrimmDistribution (founded in 2011 by the same colleague from Belarus).

9.Also on a lot of the albums you release they usually have other labels working on them as well, can you tell us a little bit more about this?
9. Yes used a lot of partners, as it is convenient. CDs and money in half. For bands more promotion. Worked with many good guys.

10.On a worldwide level how has the feedback been to your music projects by fans of black metal, doom and ambient?
10. I have several fans, many are interested in the projects. Hopefully I will attain even more after the collaboration. although not set myself this goal. just captured the creativity in time. decided not to look for labels for publication and published himself, because I want that everything was made beautifully, without mistakes. Unfortunately, even the major labels make a lot of mistakes, I would like to have everything to be perfect and in time.

11.Where do you see yourself heading into as a musician in the future?
11. I see myself as a famous boss of label, sipping a martini on the beach. or contrary, in a Russian prison - some Christians tell the authorities what we are bad (we now have these medieval practices in the trend), or that it is easier, any employee of the security forces decide to take away the business (although it is difficult to call me a millionaire), comparing the label name to extremism.

12.What are some of the bands or musical styles that have had an influence on your music and also what are you listening to nowadays?
12. Many. Bands - Death, Autopsy, Obituary, Pestilence, Atheist, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, Bolt Thrower, Nile, Immolation, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Judas Iscariot, Burzum, Satyricon, Immortal, Candlemass, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Slayer, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, e.t.c. Standard set. I love many genres, even jazz and blues. Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Dead Can Dance, Dargaard... But lovely style always - old school death metal. Check out my

13.Before we wrap up this interview, do you have any final words or thoughts?
13. Thank you for interest to my music friends
Best regards

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Illemauzar/The Ascension/Sepsis Records/2016 CD Review/

mardi 22 novembre 2016 à 05:42

  Illemauzar  are  a  band  from  Singapore  that  plays  a  mixture  of  black, death  and  thrash  metal  and  this  is  a  review  of  their  2016  album  "The  Ascension"  which  was  released  by  Sepsis  Records.

  Epic  sounding  synths  start  off  the  album  and  after  the  intro  the  music  goes  into  more  of  a  blackened  death  metal  direction  along  with  some  grim  black  metal  screams  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  a  decent  amount  of  blast  beats  can  be  heard  and  all  of  the  musical  instruments  have  a  very  powerful  sound  to t hem.

  When  tremolo  picking  is  utilized  it  gives  the  songs  more  of  a  raw  feeling  and  the  tracks  also  bring  in  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  when  guitar  leads  are  utilized  they  are  done  in  a  very  melodic  fashion  and  the  riffs  also  use  a  decent  amount  of  melody  and  there  is  also  an  instrumental  track  that  also  introduces  Asian  style  acoustic  guitars  onto  the  recording  while  the  main  focus  remains  more  on  a  heavier  style  and  the  last  track  is  very  long  and  epic  in  length.

  Illemauzar  plays   a  musical  style  that  is  mostly  rooted  in a   very  aggressive  and  melodic  style  of  black  metal  while  also  mixing  in  influences  of  thrash  and  death  metal  to  create  a  sound  of  their  own,  the  production  sounds  very  professional  while  the  lyrics  cover  Luciferian,  Goetic,  Blasphemy  and  Darkness  themes.

  In  my  opinion  Illemauzar  are  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  black,  death  and  thrash  metal  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "The  Dessolute  Assumption"  "Doctrine  68"  and  "Reclamation".  8  out  of  10. 

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RavenFrost/Lucid Nightmares/2016 Full Length Review

lundi 21 novembre 2016 à 04:11

  Germany's  solo  project  RavenFrost  have  returned  with  a  new  recording  continuing  the  doom influenced  style  of  depressive  black  metal  from  previous  releases  and  this  is  a  review  of  his  self  released  2016  album  "Lucid  Nightmares".

  A  very  dark,  heavy  and  melodic  sound  starts  off  the  album and  after  a  few  seconds  grim  black  metal  screams  make  their  presence  known  on  the  recording  and  when  the  music  speeds  up  a  decent  amount  of  blast  beats  can  be  heard  while  the  guitar  lead  also  bring  in  a  great  amount  of
 dark  sounding  melodies.

  Throughout  the  recording  you  can  hear  a  great  mixture  of  slow,  mid  paced  and  fast  parts  and  the  music  also  gets  very  depressive  at  times  and  some  of  the  tracks  are  very  long  and  epic  in  length  and  deep  growls  can  also  be  heard  in  some  parts  of  the  songs  and  the  slower  riffs  are  very  heavily  influenced  by  doom  metal  and  as  the  album  progresses  clean  playing  can  also  be  heard  in  certain  sections  of  the  recording  and  one  track  also  brings  in  a  brief  use  of  ambient  style  synths.

  RavenFrost  creates  another  recording  that  remains  true  to t he  doom  influenced  atmospheric  and  depressive  style  of  black  metal  from previous  releases,  the  production  sounds  very  dark  and  raw  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  and  depressive  themes.

  In  my  opinion  this  is  another  great  sounding  recording  from  RavenFrost  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  atmospheric  and  depressive  black  metal  with  some  doom  metal  touches,  you  should  check  out  this  album.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  "Spheres  Of  Self-Destruction"  and  "Nocturnal  Terrors".  8  out  of  10.        

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